Direct Couriers Inc - Success Story

e-Courier is an end-to-end solution designed to help couriers improve their margins and streamline their operations. In this case study, we'll be showcasing a customer success story that demonstrates the impact of e-Courier on a family-owned business, Direct Couriers Inc.

About Our Customer

Direct Couriers Inc. is a family-owned courier business that was facing numerous challenges in 2021. Their business was relying on paper systems, and all dispatch was done via phone calls, leading to a tired and overworked staff. They knew that they needed help to improve their margins and streamline their day-to-day operations, but were not sure how. At one point, they  were considering closing their doors, but were determined to find a solution that would allow them to keep their business running.

Working With e-Courier

Direct Couriers Inc. chose to work with e-Courier and found the experience to be incredibly easy. e-Courier made the process simple and easy to get started by consulting with them and crafting a plan to improve their business. “The implementation process moved quickly”,  said Brittaney Reeves, Director of Sales at Direct Couriers Inc.

The Results

After using e-Courier for a year, Direct Couriers Inc. had its best year in 33 years, adding over $30k in new business. They love e-Courier for its amazing support system, which helped them through a challenging year. They now have plans to make their business a legacy company, and to provide stability and flexibility for their employees and family. 

Perhaps most notable of all, during the challenging year of 2020, the customer did not lose a single driver, a testament to e-Courier’s system and support.

Customer Feedback

Reeves said “the support system that we have has been a phenomenal asset and we’re finally moving forward and making big plans for our company.” The Direct Couriers team were extremely positive about their experience with e-Courier. They considered e-Courier to be a huge asset to their business, and were pleased with the level of communication and support they received.

In Conclusion

The Direct Couriers Inc. story showcases the impact that e-Courier can have on a small-to-mid sized courier business. They were able to overcome their business challenges and achieve their best year in 33 years, thanks to the  benefits of e-Courier's solution.



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